Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We should change our situation!!!!!!!!!

As far as "BET" interviewing Hillary, asking her whats in it for the black community if they vote her in? I feel thats part of the problem, we depend on one individual to change our situation in our community. We have so many problems that we need to address before we start asking powers outside our community for help. We need for our men to start being men and take care of their families. We need to stop committing genocide every night in our community. We need to start spending our money in our own community instead of making other communities wealthier with our money. We are the only community that doesn't control it's own economics. We need to make education a priority. Some people say the system is messed up and it is, but the system was never in our favor. Our ancestors taught themselves how to read and write when it was illegal to go to school. Frederick Douglass, Dred Scott, Malcolm X and many others taught themselves with no formal education. I know we can make due with what we have now. We have more resources than our ancestors could have imagined.

Professor James

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