Monday, January 7, 2008


On Thursday night January 3rd, 2008 Illinois Senator Barack Obama surprisingly won the Iowa caucus. This was a big step in American history because 30 years ago this feat would have never have been thought of. Being that "change" is the theme in Obama's campaign. Is American society changing for the better? I believe that a good portion of American society is tired of the same old rhetoric. Iowa is 94.6% white, while its black population is only 2.5%. There is something about this man that is drawing voters to him regardless of race, gender or political affiliation. The Senator from Illinois talks more about uniting the country and about hope for the future. While other candidates continue to bash each other with negative campaigning and fear tactics about the Iraq war. I'm not in a position to put my support behind any candidate at the moment because I would want to hear more from other candidates. On the other hand, if I was going to the voting booths today I would either side with Ron Paul, Obama Barack, or John Edwards. These men make me feel better about the future of America without bombarding me with propaganda every time they sit down in front of a microphone. I also feel that Obama's success silences certain individuals like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh who use race in certain situations to keep the country divided. I'm not saying that racism and inequality doesn't exist because it does, and it must be dealt with immediately. Oddly enough these men make the American public feel that there hasn't been any progress in American society. Also, they're in the position to form people's opinion on critical issues due to their positions in the media. I challenge American citizens to research all the issues and come up with and educated opinion on their own without relying on these corrupted individuals to think for them. We have to realize that these individuals thrive on controversy for ratings and personal fame. We all have a brain, we need to use it and stop walking around like puppets. I look forward to see how the presidential race turns out.


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