Friday, November 23, 2007

Issues in the black community

I feel WE need to address certain things in our community as a whole like the murder rate, dropout rate, teen pregnancy, education, and family before we address things like don Imus or someone posting racist literature on the internet. I'm not saying that those things are not a problem but in the grand scheme of things that’s not that important compared to our families getting stronger and our children getting a good education. I work with DHS (department of human Services) and I see a lot of situations in our community that need to be addressed immediately. I see some people upset at Don Imus and the kkk, an then turn a blind eye to the drug dealing and murders on their own block. We seriously can't be mad at that situation and not at the 323 black on black murders in the city of Philadelphia thus far this year. Or 11 murders on one Saturday in July... It’s a problem when I have been to way more funerals than graduations... We need to look in the mirror and check ourselves first and stop looking for excuses and playing the blame game.... If all our ancestors could come into our neighborhoods right now would they be proud?????

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fajr said...

". . .I believe that any country that wants to have nuclear energy for peaceful purposes should be allowed to."

"peaceful purpose" is a strong declaration, as to whom should have nuclear programming. because they (united states) is still somewhat viewed the "super power", they are still calling shots as to who will get what, and will or maybe won’t justify why, if they wanted.

however, since Iran is being viewed as a terrorist state via propaganda by media conglomerates, how will Iran resolve this issue?
it is great to have a blog or any medium to make aware of what our crisis are. when will this be resolved?
who will be the one force to stop "them" (united states) from being bullies, terrorist, intrastate terrorist, Intimidators, etc.