Friday, November 23, 2007

Nuclear Power???

With an impending war with Iran looming in the future, I often wonder why? Well in recent news reports America feels that Iran shouldn't have a nuclear program. Iran is considered a terrorist state, which is a threat to international security if it developed nuclear power. On the other hand, Iran insist that its nuclear program is necessary for its growing population and technology. Also Iran wants to alter its sources of energy. Iran believes it's their lawful right have energy for nonviolent purposes. I believe that any country that wants to have nuclear energy for peaceful purposes should be allowed to. Who is to say who can have it and who can't? I feel the only answer is that if certain countries can't have it nobody should. This would eliminate many problems with countries worrying about who has nukes and who doesn't. I'm all for nuclear energy for peaceful purposes but I'm totally against nuclear weapons. They are created for one purpose and thats to kill people, thats it. Not to mention, if a country did launch a nuclear weapon there would be mass casualties especially innocent civilians. Nuclear energy for every country or none at all for any country!!!!!!!!

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